LLP Lung Cancer Risk Model

The LLP Lung Cancer Risk Model provides an estimate of the probability that an individual, with a specified combination of risk factors, will develop lung cancer within a 5-year period.
All risk factors are gather by questionnaire
The LLP risk model was generated using data from 579 lung cancer cases and 1157 age- and sex-matched population-based controls
(Cassidy et al., British Journal of Cancer2008, 98(2):270-6).
It has been validated using data from two large, independent international studies.
(Raji et al., Annals of Internal Medicine 2012, 157(4):242-50).

Risk prediction models for lung cancer are useful for selecting people at highest risk for screening trials.
The LLP risk model has been used to select individuals for the UKLS lung cancer screening trial.
(Field et al., Health Technol Assess 2016, 20(40):1-146; Field et al., Thorax 2016, 71(2):161-70)

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