Molecular Biomarkers

The Molecular Biomarkers Group is led by Dr Lakis Liloglou. Its primary aim is to develop a molecular assay which will utilise bronchial washings and/or sputum to assist early diagnosis of lung cancer. We focus on the mechanisms of epigenetic deregulation in cancers of the respiratory tract and their association to genomic instability and retrotransposition.

Our core objectives include:
The in-depth understanding of the genetic and epigenetic instability in lung cancer
The identification of the most frequent abnormalities in primary lung tumours
The development of robust molecular assays able to detect these abnormalities in very high dilution in clinical specimens such as sputum, bronchial washings, buccal scrapes, plasma etc.
Biomarker validation in independent sets of clinical samples utilising multiple training and test sets from the LLP population

Genetic Predisposition to Lung Cancer

LLP is part of a large international lung cancer consortium which undertook a genome-wide association study, eventually screening 17,000 individuals, in order to identify SNPs that may increase the risk for lung cancer development. This study has revealed a number of polymorphisms in certain loci that are significantly associated to tobacco addiction and lung cancer development.

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