Liverpool Lung Project (LLP)

The LLP includes one of the largest collections of data and samples in the UK and Europe from a population cohort at high risk of lung cancer (approximately 9000 individuals from the Liverpool area, recruited whilst healthy 1996 - 2014). By determining which of these individuals get lung cancer we can perform scientific studies to integrate risk factors into our ongoing risk prediction modelling research, building on the LLP Lung Cancer Risk Model.
The LLP also includes patients referred for “query lung cancer” investigations and continues to recruit these patients at different times in their diagnostic pathway. In addition, we recruit patients undergoing treatment for lung cancer, predominantly surgical patients. To date we have recruited over 4000 of these diagnostic and surgical patients into our “hospital cohort”, the majority at the Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital (LHCH).
Samples and data from these patients, together with controls from our population cohort, are primarily used in scientific studies to discover new genetic risk factors and potential biomarkers – i.e. substances we can measure in samples of blood, sputum or tissue that tell us something useful about the disease.
This may be, for example, differences or changes in a patient’s DNA (mutation or methylation) when detected in biopsy samples or blood, which can potentially indicate the person’s risk of lung cancer, can confirm the presence of lung cancer or tell us what type of lung cancer a person has (which may lead to personalised treatment).

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