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Here you can find out about all the important ways in which the Liverpool Lung Project and associated research has increased our knowledge about lung cancer. Below are some of the highlights of our research over the years, none of which would have been possible without: the help and support of our participants; the dedication of our scientists, administrators and nurses; the financial support of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation through the generosity of their donors; numerous other charities and research organisations (e.g. Northwest Cancer Research Fund, Cancer Research UK, the European Union, the US National Institute of Health).

November 2015 – Smoking Awareness Month

Prof John Field joined experts from the British Lung Foundation call for action on tackling emergency presentation of lung cancer

October 2015

This month we moved into our new, purpose built laboratories in the Apex Building, adjacent to the Biosciences Building and the site of the new Royal Hospital.

Lung cancer screening and early detection can increase curability and save lives!

A pilot lung cancer screening trial, conducted by health experts from the University of Liverpool, has demonstrated that it is possible to detect lung cancer at an early stage and deliver a potentially curative treatment in over 80% of cases.


Study shows more guidance needed for smokers using e-cigarettes:

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have shown that more than half of smokers using the Stop Smoking Service on Merseyside have tried electronic cigarettes, despite many reporting uncertainty about their safety and effectiveness.

Step towards breath test for lung cancer

Subtle genetic changes can be detected in the vapour given off by cells engineered to mimic the early stages of lung cancer, according to research published by the University of Liverpool.



A user-friendly, web based calculator for risk assessment of lung cancer based on the validated Liverpool Lung Project risk prediction


Becoming an expert: Frances Sherratt and smoking cessation

Frances Sherratt, PhD Student, explores the relationship between lung cancer risk awareness and future smoking behaviour.


World Health Summit Regional Meeting Latin America

Professor John Field was invited to present 'Lung cancer screening: time for international implementation?’ at the
World Health Summit Regional Meeting Latin America Sao Paulo, Brazil .April 2014.
JKF San Paulo 2014

Genetic Characterisation Of Early Lung Cancer


Release Date: December 2012


Leading US medic Dr James Mulshine says Liverpool has played central global role in fight against lung cancer

Release Date: 08/09/2011

Lung Cancer CT Screening Press Release:                                                                                                                                   

Release Date: 22/08/2011

World Conference on Lung Cancer recognises Professor John Field:                                                                                         

Release Date: 22/08/2011

STUDY TO TEST FEASIBILITY OF LUNG CANCER SCREENING PROGRAMME:                                                                           

Release Date: 17/01/2011

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