Epigenetic Biomarkers

Epigenetic changes associated with lung cancer [e.g. DNA methylation, microRNAs (miRNA) and long non-coding RNA (lncRNA)] are a rich source of biomarkers for lung cancer detection, diagnosis and prognosis. For example:

• A panel of DNA methylation biomarkers has been shown to improve the accuracy lung cancer diagnosis based on bronchial lavage cytology (Nikolaidis et al., Cancer Research 2012, 72(22):5692-5701).
• A microRNA signature, detectable in small quantities of biopsy material can differentiate between tumour and normal tissue to help identify NSCLC (Bediaga et al., British Journal of Cancer 2013, 109(9):2404-2411).
• A prognostic DNA methylation signature was identified for stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Sandoval et al., Journal of Clinical Oncology 2013, 31(32):4140-4147)

We are currently investigating the role of miRNA and lncRNA in lung cancer, including detection in plasma and in exosomes. We are also extending our DNA methylation studies to include cell-free plasma DNA for minimally invasive diagnosis or monitoring.

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