System Builder Database

System Builder is the name of a 4GL development and runtime environment originally written for the Pick family of computer databases/environments. The System Builder environment comprises SB+ Server, often running on an IBM U2 database, and the SB Client fat client, which runs under Microsoft Windows. The development environment enables rapid development and deployment of applications and includes a rudimentary GUI application environment.


The System Builder database (SB) has been at the core of the research program for over twelve years and has been continually developed to meet the growing data storage requirements of the research program. Originally developed for the Liverpool Lung Project, the SB database is now used in a number of new projects: PCIP (Primary Care Implementation Project), SLED (Sefton Early Lung cancer Detection), and Chinese LLP.


The SB database stores details of over 72300 subjects, of which over 10000 have been successfully recruited in the various studies.

The SB database, supported by the IT department, is used by all department s working at the research centre


LIMS – Laboratory Information Management system is the name of the database used to manage the tissue bank at the research centre.
Matrix LIMS is the latest advance PC based LIMS developed in the UK by Autoscribe Ltd, an ISO 9001 certified company dedicated to the LIMS and data management software business. It is flexible and has easy to use configuration tools including a “configuration wizard” allowing free choice of screen and menu designs. Its framework is built on a common ground thus allowing simple drag and drop, no programming knowledge configuration utility to move across various industries.


The LIMS database stores details of 143500 samples taken from 11736 individuals. These samples are stored on over 16 -80º freezer units and in the large specimen store room.


First introduced in November 2007, the LIMS database has been developed extensively by the IT department and is used extensively by the Clinical resources Department.


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