The LLP was part of the CURELUNG project (2010 - 2014), a major international project to understand the genetics and epigenetics of lung cancer. As part of this EU FP7 funded project we have:• Examined over 500 lung tumours for DNA methylation and demonstrated a prognostic DNA methylation signature for stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Sandoval et al., Journal of Clinical Oncology 2013, 31(32):4140-4147)

• Discovered and validated a microRNA expression signature that identifies NSCLC (Bediaga et al., British Journal of Cancer 2013, 109(9):2404-2411).

• Examined the molecular genetic profile of carcinoid cancers, implicating chromatin-remodelling genes (Fernandez-Cuesta et al., Nature Communications 2014, 5:3518).

• Aided the definition of a genomics-based classification of human lung tumours (Clinical Lung Cancer Genome Project & Network Genomic Medicine, Science Translational Medicine 2013, 5(209):209ra153).

• Reviewed the nature of epigenetic biomarkers in lung cancer (Liloglou et al., Cancer Letters 2014, 342(2):200-212).
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