ILCCO – GWAS and integration of risk factors and Lifestyle factors
US-EU Collaboration - Transdisciplinary Research in Cancer of the Lung (TRICL).
Vanderbilt Ingram Comprehensive Cancer Center - Molecular analysis of Small Cell Lung Cancer for the identification of new diagnostic biomarkers 

Epigenomics – Developing Methylation Diagnostics for early lung cancer
Amgen - Mutational analysis of lung cancer tissue specimens.

Professor Vassilis Gorgoulis, University of Athens Medical School, Athesn, Greece Genetic and epigenetic instability of lung cancer. Inter-relationships between DNA methylation, miRNA and chromosome breakages.

Professor Aristides Eliopoulos, University of Crete Medical School, Heraklion, Greece. The effect of MAP3K8 inactivation in lung cancer biology. Genetic and epigenetic aberrations of the gene in human lung cancer. Mouse carcinogenesis models.

Dr ANdrease Weinhausel, Austrian Institutes of Technology, Vienna, Austria. DNA methylation profiling of lung tumours. Use of MSRE-based microarray analysis for biomarker discovery. Validation in lung cancer tissue, bronchial washings and sputum.

Healthlinks – development of plasma based biomarkers for lung cancer



Professor John K. Field
Research Director

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Dr Triantafillos Liloglou
Lecturer, Biomarkers and Clinical Resources Group
Tel:  0151 794 9121

Janet Farley (job share with Gaynor Hunt)
Study Co-ordinator

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