Clinical Resources

In order to conduct high quality lung cancer research, we need to collect and process high quality clinical samples alongside the in-depth personal and epidemiological data from our much valued volunteers. We collect a variety of minimally invasive samples (e.g. blood, sputum, buccal scrapes, breath) from our population cohorts of high risk individuals. We also collect clinical samples of bronchial washings and tumour tissues from those we recruit at collaborating Rapid Access Clinics and surgical departments, such as the Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital.

Each of these samples must be carefully labelled, processed and safely stored in order to preserve the molecules that we investigate as biomarkers. This requires a considerable investment in time, people, resources and dedication, in order to ensure that we meet the high standards demanded by the regulatory authorities and by our rigorous scientific enquiries.

The samples and tissues that we have accumulated over the years, when linked to the clinical data, constitute the Liverpool Lung Project Biobank, a resource that is recognised internationally. They form the basis of our own biomarker discovery and validation research and contribute to large international research projects.




Professor John K. Field
Research Director

Tel:  0151 794 9113

Dr Triantafillos Liloglou
Lecturer, Biomarkers and Clinical Resources Group

Tel:  0151 794 9121

Dr Mickael Davies
Senior Research Associate

Tel:   0151 794 9105
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